Using the Latest Technology

Technologically speaking, the chiropractic profession has deep roots with B.J. Palmer and the introduction of the first X-ray machines in the 1900s. That was a groundbreaking development back then. The X-ray image gave doctors a window into their patients’ bodies. In addition to the X-ray being a helpful diagnostic tool, it also served another important role as visual stimulation for the patients.

Patients respond to things that are interesting and unusual. The average patient rarely looks at X-ray images. Seeing one, especially of your own body, is a unique experience that usually sticks in the mind for a while. Over the years, the introduction of new technologies (e.g., MRI, CT, bone scans) has provided even more information and eye candy for patients.

With the advent of digital X-ray technology, the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to has been reduced, while the quality of the images has improved. The new breakthroughs in X-ray technology now offer your patients more opportunities to have a unique experience in your office when they learn about their bodies and chiropractic.